The world of Aviation Services is constantly expanding and changing to meet the International needs and standards of the traveling public and world authorities.  Perhaps the most positive aspect of Aviation Services is its people.  At all levels, in all areas, we have enthusiastic, dedicated and professional people who share the visions… to build a better airport.  The people have embraced change, teamwork, training, safety and customer service in an unparalleled way.

Aviation Services is made up of two major departments for the Government of Bermuda: Department of Airport Operations and Department of Civil Aviation.  Both of these departments report to the Minister of Transportation and Aviation Services.

The mandate for the Department of Airport Operations looks to meeting the following objectives:

  • Keep safety and security excellence as the first priority
  • Develop a better airport for the future by taking advantage of emerging market opportunities.
  • Operate an efficient airport dedicated to exceptional customer service
  • Become a cost and price competitive airport
  • Broaden and increase the airport’s revenue base to ensure on-going viability
  • Maintain strong relationships with “neighbors”, communities, and industries

The Department of Civil Aviation plays a major role in the development of the aviation industry through the safety and economic regulation of Bermudian aviation.  Its specific responsibilities include:

  • Air Safety – Airworthiness of aircraft and operational aspects including licensing flight crew, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers and aerodromes; certificating Bermuda – registered aircraft and maintaining air traffic services standards.
  • Economic Regulation – in conjunction with the UK Government, licensing of routes, approval of air fares for journeys into Bermuda and regulation of charter flights into Bermuda.

Careers in Aviation Services

Management of an Airport

Planes landing and taking-off to the roar of jet engines, the excitement of passengers meeting loved ones and the tears of saying good-bye, a transatlantic flight having to make an emergency landing in Bermuda, families picnicking along the Causeway to watch all of the activity of the airport, inspecting aircraft to ensure they are airworthy, issuing licenses to aircraft pilots and crew….Behind the scene there are, Airport Managers and Support Staff playing a major role in making the Airport an exciting environment and a challenging career.

Job Description and Qualifications


Air Traffic Controller

Good Day Flight 1535, this is the Bermuda Tower.  Winds are 320 degrees at 10 knots.  You are cleared to land on Runway 30”…. Yes, only an Air Traffic Controller can tell a Boeing 747 captain with 400 passengers on board what to do and where to go – except of course, maybe the airline president.  International regulations state that pilots must comply with ATC instructions.  Our Air Traffic Controllers are professionally trained staff who not only land various types of aircraft in different conditions, but also issue route clearances, grant permission to take-off, and also give ground taxi instructions. A power trip!  Not at all!! ATC instructions form part of the procedures for safe and efficient guidance to pilots flying in the vicinity of the Bermuda International Airport.

Our Bermudian Air Traffic Controllers are proud of what they do, how they do it and how they got there!

Job Description and Qualifications


Just the title alone may conjure up images if CBS’s Mark McEwan or Bermuda’s own Suzanne Holshouser, or Sonya Powell, but the real meteorologist is the person who supplies the weather information to there Television personalities.  The meteorologist answers one of Bermuda’s most often asked questions: “What is the weather gong to be like?”  Of course, there will always be some Bermudian who will consult their shark oil!

The Bermuda Weather Service Meteorologists are our weather experts who provide analysis of the weather around the island.  Naturally, when particularly bad weather is in Bermuda’s vicinity, like winter storms or summer hurricanes, the BWS meteorologists are in high demand – phones ringing off the hook!  These calls come in from local residents, the local news media, emergency co-ordination groups, and also form foreign places with concerned families, friends and media.  In fact, even the US national Weather Service in Miami and the Hurricane Centre rely on the expertise of our local, professional meteorologists for up-to-date weather information as does the Bermuda weather channel for compiling reports for its television programs to the public.

Job Description and Qualifications

Meteorological Technician

The Meteorological Technician is in many ways the back bone of the weather office.  It is the technician who constantly observes the weather, records data and encodes and transmits it around the world.  The Met Tech observes temperature, type and height of clouds, rainfall, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity both at the earth’s surface and in the upper atmosphere with special instruments.

Weather is observed locally around Bermuda and also thousands of miles away in places like Washington, Montreal, London, Moscow or Australia.  Forecasting the weather not only requires weather observations from a particular site but form around the world observed on a regular basis.  Computerized forecasting models use the weather observed in Bermuda and other observations around the globe and predict the state of the atmosphere from two to five days in advance.  This data can also be used at future dates in criminal investigations, insurance claims and scientific studies of climatological change.

Job Description and Qualifications

Ground Electronics Systems Maintenance Technician

Here is a group of what can surely sometimes be called the biggest unsung heroes for the Bermuda International Airport.  All of the equipment at the airport is of course man-made.  As such it can and does breakdown – usually at the most inopportune times.  Enter the Ground Electronics Technician!  These technicians repair all navigational, weather and communication equipment for the airport.  Although not as visible as the Air Traffic Controllers, the Fire Fighters or the Meteorologists, none of these areas could function without the support of the Ground Electronics Maintenance Technician.

Airline pilots would not be able to communicate with the ground properly without properly maintained radio equipment, nor would they be able to make an instrument landing approach.  IN fact, faulty equipment could jeopardize safe and efficient aircraft handling out as far as 200 miles if the problem was in the primary navigational aids.  This would not just affect those aircraft flying in to Bermuda, but also any number of aircraft flying through Bermuda’s airspace on their way to other destinations around the world, as Bermuda’s radar system influence traffic patterns in the North Atlantic.

We have equipment that is very sophisticated and complex and required similar equipment to test and repair it.  The Ground Electronics Technician has the important role of keeping all equipment up and running 24 hours a day.  If it does breakdown, the technicians have to get the systems repaired as expeditiously as possible in order to maintain safe airport operations.

Job Description and Qualifications

Crash, Fire, Rescue Fire Fighter

What is a T-3000?? No, it is not the next Terminator Robot!  It is Bermuda’s largest, newest, and most technologically advanced multi-purpose fire fighting vehicle!  The Bermuda International Airport has not one, not two, but three of these top-of-the line vehicles.  The are so advanced that just one fire fighter can drive, communicate with Air Traffic Controllers and other fire team member, and operate two roof mounted turrets (Dry chemical and Foam).  There are also several had reel hoses and a forward mounted turret.  And Yes, a fire fighter has only two hands and two feet!

Training for this job is very exciting, interesting and demanding.  It is conducted both in Bermuda and overseas.  This new equipment and high standard of training allows Bermuda to provide the highest level of protection for regular aircraft operators at our airport.

Here is an opportunity to make a difference and save lives!

Job Description and Qualifications


Flight Operations Inspector

The Flight Operations Inspector investigates; reviews and assesses all flight operations information concerning aircraft on the Bermuda Register to ensure that internationally recognized standards of operational safety are achieved by aircraft operators.  They approve and review the Operations and Training Manuals produced by aircraft operators.  They also perform documentary and physical site audits involving travel to aircraft base locations in order to examine facilities and operational standards.  In addition they may participate in aircraft accident investigation activities.

Job Description and Qualifications


Airworthiness Surveyor

The Airworthiness Surveyor investigates, reviews and assesses all airworthiness information concerning aircraft on the Bermuda Register to ensure that internationally recognized standards of airworthiness are achieved by aircraft operators.  They survey and evaluate aircraft, aircraft equipment, aircraft maintenance programmes to ensure compliance with relevant airworthiness requirements.  A moderate amount of travel worldwide is normal.

Job Description and Qualifications


Support Staff at an Airport

Another major facet of Airport Operations is the support staff that work as part of the team.  These invaluable people work in positions such as: supervisory roles, secretarial, administrative and clerical support, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning mechanics, maintenance technicians, and communicators.  The roles and responsibilities of these jobs are diversified.  From taking minutes at meetings to answering telephone queries, or issuing invoices or paying bills, adjusting air conditioning or fixing a leaking roof…. The tasks of running a successful airport are endless and each one is as important as the next.

Job Description and Qualifications

The Bermuda International Airport (BDA) provides the single most important international link for the people and business of Bermuda, and consequently is a major economic contributor to the well-being of island residents.  The primary roles of the airport are to provide a high level of air service for travelers, to support tourism and international trade, and to facilitate the development of Bermuda’s economy.  The Government of Bermuda will, through plans and actions, support the growth and development of the Bermuda International Airport.

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