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TCD Guide to Selling Your Car
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TCD Guide to Senior Citizens Renewing their licence
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Private Car Importation Requirements
Motorcycle Riding Test  

(For an illustrated and printable version, see the form: RIDING EXAM REQUIREMENTS located in 'Forms and Publications')

The Cycle Riding Test is designed to test the rider’s ability to control the cycle under a number of different circumstances: while making turns, while traveling in a straight line under acceleration and under braking, and during slow speed manoeuvres.

Large Circle: One complete turn both ways and return to the start position. Correct posture and smooth throttle control is the aim of this exercise. While on the circle, look through the turn, lean slightly and do not use the brakes. Return to the starting position using both brakes to stop.

Serpentine Ride: While moving forward and keeping both feet on the foot rest, the applicant must ride through the serpentine/zigzag in a controlled manner during the test.

Straight Line/Brake Test: The applicant must ride in a straight line between the cones, turn while remaining in control, and accelerate in preparation for the brake test. The cycle must be brought to a quick, safe, controlled stop with the front wheel stopping before the double white line, using both brakes.

Turn Signals (Hands): The applicant must ride on the right hand side of the straight white line and make a left turn at the end of the white line—using your left hand. On the left hand side of the broken yellow line you must make a right hand turn at the end of the broken yellow line—using your right hand.