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E-Commerce Advisory Board

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E-Commerce Advisory Board

The E-Commerce Advisory Board is a statutory Board created under the ETA and intended to advise the Minster about matters relating to E-Commerce in Bermuda.


E-Commerce Advisory Board

  1. There shall be a board to be known as the “E-Commerce Advisory Board” for the purpose of providing advice to the Minister on matters connected with the discharge of his functions under this Act.
  2. The Minister shall appoint the members of the Board by notice published in the Gazette.
  3. The Board shall consist of not fewer than 5 nor more than 11 persons appearing to the Minister to be knowledgeable about electronic commerce or international business.
  4. The Minister shall designate one of the persons appointed a member under subsection (2) to be the chairman of the Board.
  5. The Board shall determine its own procedure.
  6. The function of the Board is to advise the Minister on any matter referred to it by the Minister, or which, of its own initiative, the Board considers appropriate.

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