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Advantages of Doing Business in Bermuda

Bermuda has huge strength as an offshore location for e-business. Indeed in terms of legislation, political and economic stability, experience and existing business practice it leads the way. It also has a sophisticated electorate, a first class telecommunications infrastructure and a well-educated workforce able to set up and manage e-business operations on the island.

In addition, Bermuda offers:

  • Sophisticated financial and legal services on its doorstep
  • Four diverse bandwidth routes through fiber optic and satellite networks
  • Highest quality hosting facilities with maximum security and full redundancy
  • Ideal location between North America and Europe
  • Supportive Government with existing e-business legislation in place and a comprehensive e-business strategy for the future
  • Excellent working relationship between private and public sector
  • Tax favourable conditions
  • Information security and copyright legislation
  • 89 per cent penetration of Internet access on the island with IT / e-business education a priority
  • Support network in place with web-designers, software and hardware vendors, ISPs and the highest number of offshore internet transaction gateway providers in the world services


The Department of E-Commerce
Ministry of Economic Development
Government Administration Building| 30 Parliament Street | 3rd Floor| Hamilton, Bermuda HM12
Phone: (441) 294-2774