To deal effectively with problems related to alcohol and other drug use, Government as well as civil society require evidence to make informed decisions. An emphasis on information and research is a commitment to expand the knowledge base and develop workforce capacity to deliver effective programmes and services.

One aim of the National Master Plan is to improve the timeliness of access to accurate information about legal and illegal drug trends and issues. Priorities will be placed on evaluating programmes and services against best practices and effectiveness. Attention will be given to coordination of existing information systems and facilitating improved access to local and regional data. Gaps in the knowledge base will be addressed through appropriate and relevant studies.


To gather information that will facilitate evidence-based decision-making for programming and policy.


To provide an adequately equipped centralized information resource centre, possessing the capacity to gather a range of local data relevant to activities undertaken in all areas which impact the national drug control efforts.


  • National level research information will be available to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of drug control initiatives.
  • Better informed decision about programmes and policies—a greater sense of the available research and emerging practices to guide policy and programme development.
  • Information available to assess and report on the impact of implementation of the National Master Plan. 



  • To provide a national legislative framework to support the management, coordination and implementation of the national drug control initiatives and the strategies outlined in the National Master Plan.
  • Establish laws and policies that foster healthy individuals and communities.


  • To enact new legislation in the areas of supply and demand reduction to impact the fight against drugs
  • To provide legislative or policy framework for the DNDC
  • To support the continued efforts at drug control by developing new policy direction to address issues related to the strategic direction of National Plan


  • Better opportunities for successful implementation of the drug control strategies outlined in the National Master Plan

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